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Hotspot: I love Ice cream! Paris

Dear Ice creams lover,

Summer is here! And the temperature is getting higher! Time to freshen up a little bit and of course get an ice cream!!

Do you already have your favorite’s ice cream hotspots in town? Well I do not eat ice cream that often, but if I eat one I want the best one!

These are my recommendations for one of the best (for me is it!) places where you can have an ice cream in Paris.


Here is my list:


Chacun ses gouts
I really love this Frozen Yogurt! For me this is the best Froyo in Paris. Freshly made everyday based on farmer yoghurt from Normandy. There are different flavors depend on the season. I personally love the natural one.

Here you can serve yourself for the yoghurt and toppings and you which you can weight it at the end.

I really love this Frozen Yogurt! For me this is the best Froyo in Paris.

Price: from 2.50 per 100 gram
Where to find?
4, rue Geoffroy l’Angevin, 75004 Paris
20, rue Montorgueuil, 75002 Paris


Yogurt Factory
A Froyo with 0% level of fat. For me it is not the best yoghurt I have ever tasted, but I like the variety of toppings and flavor. Also the price is a bit cheaper cause you will pay only for the cup not the weight.

Where to find?
3 rue St Merri, 75004 Paris

Click here to see all addresses in France



This ice cream is a must! La maison Berthillon was founded by Raymon Berthillon in 1954. It became famous in 1961, since then so many people come to taste his specialty. My favorite flavors are: Chocolate, Mango and Raspberry!

You can get 1-4 scoops in a cone or cup and they have fifteen or so flavors. The cones are small especially the smallest one, but I only had one scoop as I was not sure if 2 scoops can fit in so small cone. Its a bit expensive for the size you get but trust me, its worth it. Or at least you have to try it once when you are in Paris!

Also be careful there are a lot of Berthillon ices in the area with the same name, but there is only One real Berthillon ice cream! so make sure you go to the real one. Because the first time I came here and though I had bought Berthillon ice but no it was the fake one..


Price: from 3.00 Euros for 1 scoop
Where to find? 29-31 rue saint Louis en lile 75004 Paris

Haagen Dasz
Haagen Dasz is always a good idea! We know that this is one of the best ice creams from time to time. I like the café hotspots where you can enjoy the ice cream and watching people while enjoying the weather.
My favorite: Cookie Crunch

My favorite hotspots cafés:

49 51 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
5 Place Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris



Delicious! Delicious! What I like with Italian ice cream is that you don’t pay for a scoop but only a cone or cup. You can have every flavor you wish as long as you fill the cup/cone. Pozzetto only offer 12 different flavors and beside that you can also enjoy the hot drinks.
My favorite flavor: Strawberry and Yoghurt

Price: from 4 Euros
Where to find?

39, rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris
16, rue Vielle du Temple, 75003 Pari

It was founded in 2002 by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi from Reggio Emilia in Italy. The first shop was located in Paris on Saint Louis Island. Amorino gelato shop can be found almost everywhere in Paris.

I recommend you to order your ice cream in a cone instead of cup. Do you know why? Just take a look to my pictures and you will understand!

I love their signature flower shape gelato cone which makes your ice cream so pretty. If you want to have your flower prettier, I recommend you to get fruity gelato with different colors.


Price: from 3.95 Euros for a small cone
Where to find?
Click to the link to find all gelatos in France

So tell me what is you favorit ice cream hotspots?

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